About Us

The COW Community ethos is to uplift, support, and showcase new writing in any genre with a focus on the magical connection between writers and actors.   

It was founded in January 2021 during the UK Third National Lockdown. With the Theatre industry closed both Sofie and Lucy found it difficult as graduates to continue building and developing their craft. Starved of creativity they decided enough was enough and to now follow a strong ethos of Create Your Own To Grow Your Own.

They researched, collaborated, and spilled all of their energy into creating a community that could unite lovers of new writing. Over the past few months, they have met some incredible creatives, writers, and performers and are currently producing their first online musical project.

'...The F*CK Am I Doing' will premiere in April 2021, directed by Manda Joenssen and produced by Maddie Osborn. 

We hope you join us and have a moo-tastic time hanging with our herd!