...The F*CK Am I Doing?

Welcome to the online adaptation of ...The F*CK Am I Doing? by Ali Keller and Emily Rose Simons. 

...The F*CK Am I Doing? is a song cycle about "aging" millennials who are still trying to find their place, their purpose, or their person.

Though it was originally written about millennial burnout and the growing pains of your 20's, ...The F*CK Am I Doing? 's exploration of mental health and loneliness sums up the ebbs and flows of this past year living through a pandemic, and is a timely piece sure to be a cathartic experience for anyone who lived through 2020 and has ever felt like they had know idea what the f*ck they are doing.

The show had its first premiere on April 30th 2021 with a portion of the ticket sales going to Playing Sane.

Soon after the show was featured as a part of the online line up on Brighton Fringe 2021.

Thank you for supporting us and you can keep up to date with the journey of the show on our socials.


Cast & Creative Team

COW Founders - Lucy Alder and Sofie Kaern

Writer - Ali Keller

Composer & MD - Emily Rose

Producer - Madeline Osborn

Director - Manda Jønsson 


Scarlet Simmons

Danny Romeo

Sofie Kaern

Lucy Alder

Lizzie Buckingham

Ayesha Staley

Hannah Abdool